The Law Cafe ~ 2022 [Korean With ESub] [K-Drama]

The Law Cafe
The Law Cafe


Jung Ho, Yu Ri, Se Yeon, and Jin Ki have been friends for 17 years since Seoyeon High. Jung Ho is a landlord who used to be called the Monster Genius of the prosecution. Despite his clumsiness, he is a cool guy with a mysterious charm.

Yu Ri is an eccentric lawyer who won the past Miss Korea contest with her outstanding looks. Her hot-tempered characteristic that cannot stand injustice leads her to quit her firm and start a law cafe of her own. When she goes to see her landlord for the contract, she finds out that he is her old friend Jung Ho. From that point, a crazy relationship that develops from friendship to love begins.

~~ Adapted from the web novel “Love According to Law” (법대로 사랑하라) written by No Seung Ah (노승아) and illustrated by Il Ri (일리)


Title: The Law Cafe, Love by Law, Love According to the Law, Beobdaero Saranghara, Beobdaelo Salanghala

Native Title: 법대로 사랑하라

Aired: Sep 5, 2022 – Oct 25, 2022

Quality: 540p, 720p, 1080p

Genre: Comedy, Law, Romance

Episode: 16

Print: AMZN WEB-DL Both

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