The Impossible Heir ~ 2024 [Korean With ESub] DSNP WEB-DL [K-Drama]

About Story

Born into poverty but blessed with good looks and charm, Kang In Ha has always hungered for success. When he discovers that his estranged father is the chairman of the prestigious Kang Oh Group, In Ha sees an opportunity to rise above his humble beginnings.

Shunned by his newfound family, In Ha teams up with his brilliant childhood friend, Han Tae Oh, to pursue their shared dream of ascending to the top of society. Together, they devise a cunning plan to take over the conglomerate and cement their positions of power.

As they climb the corporate ladder, In Ha and Tae Oh face numerous challenges, including resistance from within the company and betrayal from unexpected quarters. Their ambitions are further complicated when they cross paths with a formidable woman who harbors her own dark secrets and desires.

Caught in a web of ambition, loyalty, and betrayal, In Ha and Tae Oh must navigate treacherous waters to achieve their goals. But as they soon discover, the path to success is fraught with peril, and the cost of their ambition may be higher than they ever imagined.

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Drama Information

Title: The Impossible Heir, Royal Loader , Royal Roader , Royallodeo

Native Title: 로얄로더

Aired: Feb 28, 2024 – Apr 3, 2024

Quality: 540p, 720p, 1080p

Genre: Thriller, Business, Drama, Political

Episode: 12


The Impossible Heir

540p x264 MSub

Episode 01-06

Episode 07-12

720p x264 AAC2.0 MSub

Episode 01-06

Episode 07-12

1080p x264 DDP5.1 [Orignal Not Encoded] MSub

Episode 01-06

Episode 07-12

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