The First Responders ~ [Season 01-02] (2022-2023) [Korean With ESub] [K-Drama]

About Story

In this thrilling tale, follow the joint operations of a police force and a fire department as they navigate a world of crime and disaster to bring justice and aid to those in need.

Meet Jin Ho Gae, a fierce and determined detective with an uncanny ability to unravel crime scenes and understand the minds of criminals. With an unyielding will to win, he is relentless in his pursuit of justice, making him a formidable force in catching low-lifes.

On the other hand, Bong Do Jin is a fearless firefighter with a cold exterior but a warm heart. He rushes to fire scenes without hesitation, dedicated to rescuing and caring for victims in the face of danger.

Completing the trio is Song Seol, an empathetic paramedic who not only tends to physical wounds but also heals broken hearts with her compassionate nature.

Together, this trio forms an unstoppable team, each bringing their unique skills and strengths to the table. As they face various challenges, from solving complex crimes to handling life-threatening emergencies, their camaraderie and determination will be put to the test.

In this thrilling and heartwarming story, witness the powerful bond between law enforcement and first responders as they work tirelessly to protect and serve their community, proving that courage, empathy, and teamwork can overcome any obstacle.

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About Season 02

In this season, the joint operations of the police, fire department, and paramedics continue, showcasing their bravery and teamwork. Viewers will get a deeper understanding of the characters’ motivations and personal struggles.

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Drama Information

Title: The First Responders, Sobangseo Yeop Gyeongchalseo, The Police Station Next to Fire Station, The Police Station Next to the Fire Station and National Forensic Service , Sobangseo Yeop Gyeongchalseo Geurigo Gukgwasu , Sobangseo Yeop Gyeongchalseo Sijeun 2 , 소방서 옆 경찰서 시즌2

Native Title: 소방서 옆 경찰서, 소방서 옆 경찰서 그리고 국과수

Aired: Nov 12, 2022 – Sep 9, 2023

Quality: 540p, 720p, 1080p

Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Episode: S01E12 + S02E12


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