Premium Plan/Supporting Way

Well Guys, I Know Some of you guys are Against Regarding Donations and Something Like But This is the only way to protect this website.

*By the Way, You can Pay this Amount

  • For Indians – 69 INR/Monthly & 759 INR/Yearly – Contact
  • For Out of India Pay on Ko-fi – I’ll contact you there or you can contact me Telegram
  • 2$/Monthly and 22$/Yearly For out of India. [If You Out of India Better Suggestion to Buy Yearly]. Because Paypal Charge 3.9% + 0.30$. Which Left me 1.44$ From 2$ = 1.44 x 12 = 16.08$. and 22$ Left me 20.50$.
  • But You Guys can Try 2$ Monthly For The First Time. After That, you Can Decide To Go with Yearly.
  • If You have Binance or AirTm Anything you can use to Donate me

and Get this benefit.

  • You Will get index links of Websites Data (No Linkshortnurl + No Ads)
  • I’ll Fulfill Your Drama/Anime/TV-Shows Request (I’ll Try to Find the Best source for You)
  • I’ll Add You to my private Drive. That way You access my Website Data.
  • If You want Anything With this Premium Let Me Know

This Subscription is based on a monthly & Yearly basis.

Well Contact me On Telegram For all the Information ThanksContact

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