Metallic Rouge (Season 01) (English-Japanese) [Dual-Audio] – Anime


In a world where humans and androids known as Neans coexist, a rebellion led by the Immortal Nine threatens societal stability. Tasked with quelling the uprising, Nean operative Rouge Redstar, also known as Metal Rouge, teams up with human investigator Naomi Orthmann. Their mission takes them to the distant planet of Mars, where the rebel faction is rumored to be hiding.

But before embarking on their dangerous mission, Rouge has one peculiar request: chocolate. Despite being an advanced android, Rouge harbors a fondness for the sweet indulgence, much to Naomi’s amusement. With their unlikely partnership forged over a shared craving, Rouge and Naomi set out to confront the Immortal Nine and restore order to their world.

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Anime Information

Title: Metallic Rouge

Native Title: メタリックルージュ

Aired: Jan 11, 2024 to Apr 4, 2024

Quality: 720p, 1080p

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Episode: 13

Print: CR

Metallic Rouge

720p x265 – AAC2.0 Dual Audio

Episode 01-06 – Direct | MEGA

Episode 07-13 – Direct | MEGA

1080p x265 10bit – Dual Audio

Episode 01-06 – Direct | MEGA

Episode 07-13 – Direct | MEGA

How to Download

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