Longing for You ~ 2023 [Korean With ESub] WEB-DL [K-Drama]

About Story

In the peaceful town of Woojin, a rare murder case shakes the community. Detective Oh Jin Seong, known for his cheerful demeanor, joins the investigation team when his younger brother, Jin Woo, becomes a suspect in the crime. Jin Woo is eventually cleared of false accusations, and the true culprit is unveiled.

Jin Seong’s commendable performance in the case earns him preferential treatment at the prestigious Gangnam Police station. However, tragedy strikes when his brother is suddenly attacked on a rainy night and tragically loses his life. Determined to find the real culprit behind his brother’s death, Jin Seong embarks on a relentless pursuit while confronting his own family’s hidden desires and secrets.

In this gripping tale of mystery and intrigue, Detective Oh Jin Seong must navigate a treacherous path, torn between seeking justice for his brother and unearthing the painful truths hidden within his own family. As he delves deeper into the case, the boundaries between loyalty, truth, and personal convictions blur, leading him to a shocking revelation that will forever change his life.

(Source: ENA, SKYLYFE TV, Modified By Mkvshows)

Drama Information

Title: Longing for You, I Have Waited a Long Time for You , I’ve Been Waiting for You for a Long Time , Oraesdongan Dangsineul Kidaryeossseubnida

Native Title: 오랫동안 당신을 기다렸습니다

Aired: Jul 26, 2023 – Sep 7, 2023

Quality: 540p, 720p, 1080p

Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Episode: 14


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