How To Download

How to download From Any Device.

Hey, Guys, I Have Finally Found a Good Enough Linkshortner. But Not Fully Good But Good Enough. Here are The Steps If You Face any Issues.

Step 01:- Choose Which Print You Want to Download

Step01 edited

Step 02:- A New Window Will Open.

Step 02

Step 03:- You Have to Scroll Down and Ignore the 30 seconds. Which is Scam.

Step 04:- Scroll Down Until You See this Message “Click Here to Continue”

Step 03

Step 05:- When You Click on Continue. A New Windows Open. This is The Final Page. Wait For this “Scroll Down and Click on Open” Message. When You See This Go Download.

step 04 scroll down

Step 06:- After You Scroll Down Don’t Click on anything Other Than This “Open” Button. That’s All Done Guys.

open Step

Step 07:- Final Step. Which anyone can do. It’s easy Pisy.

Final Stage

That’s All You Will Able to Download Now From the Website Any Link. Thanks and Follow This Steps Carefully.

Read, Why I’m using Shortnurl Here.

How to Download

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