King the Land ~ 2023 [Korean With ESub] NF WEB-DL [K-Drama]

About Story

Heir Goo Won despises insincere smiles, but when he meets Cheon Sa Rang, her genuine smile captivates him. Together, they strive to create moments of happiness, where their smiles can light up their lives.

King of the Land stands as a luxurious haven, catering to the elite hoteliers. The establishment belongs to The King Group, a conglomerate encompassing hotels, distribution companies, and an airline. Amidst this opulence, Goo Won finds himself entangled in an inheritance battle. With his brilliance, natural elegance, and magnetic charm, he possesses everything but lacks common sense when it comes to dating.

Cheon Sa Rang possesses a smile that can brighten the world. Thrilled to secure a position at the King Hotel, a place that holds cherished childhood memories, she must now cast aside those reminiscences and mature swiftly. She faces the challenges of workplace biases and misunderstandings with unwavering determination.

In this tale of love and growth, Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang navigate the complexities of their individual journeys, seeking happiness and overcoming the obstacles that come their way. Together, they strive to share genuine smiles and create a brighter future.

[Writter By: mkvshows]

Drama Information

Title: King the Land, Kingdeolaendeu

Native Title: 킹더랜드

Aired: Jun 17, 2023 – Aug 6, 2023

Quality: 540p, 720p, 1080p

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Episode: 16

Print: NF WEB-DL

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