Cold Blooded Intern ~ 2023 [Korean With MSubs] WEB-DL [K-Drama]

About Story

In a society where criminals evade justice, a chilling system emerges: citizens over 18 are polled via text message to decide whether heinous wrongdoers should face the death penalty. If the majority votes in favor, the enigmatic “Dog Mask” carries out the execution in the virtual realm. Amidst this digital vigilante justice, three individuals find themselves intertwined in a complex web.

Kim Moo Chan, a seasoned investigator at the Southern Police Agency, spearheads the First Investigation Team. Kwon Seok Joo, once a renowned legal scholar, is driven to murder the rapist who assaulted his daughter, ultimately surrendering to the authorities. Joo Hyun, a dedicated officer with five years’ service at the Cyber Safety Bureau of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, becomes embroiled in the hunt for “Dog Mask.”

As their paths converge, these three figures navigate a world where morality, justice, and ethics collide in the face of a digital executioner.

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Drama Information

Title: Cold Blooded Intern, Cruel Mrs Ae Ran , Cruel Intern , Janhoghan Inteon , Janhoghan Aelanssi , 잔혹한 애란씨

Native Title: 잔혹한 인턴

Aired: Aug 11, 2023 – ?

Quality: 540p, 720p, 1080p

Genre: Comedy, Life, Drama

Episode: 12


Cold Blooded Intern

540p x264 Korean With ESub

[Episode 01-04]

[Episode 05-08]

[Episode 09-12]

720p x264 AAC2.0 Korean With ESub

[Episode 01-04]

[Episode 05-08]

[Episode 09-12]

1080p x264 DDP2.0 Korean With ESub

[Episode 01-04]

[Episode 05-08]

[Episode 09-12]

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