Arthdal Chronicles (Season 01) ~ 2019 [Korean With ESub] – NF WEB-DL [K-Drama]

About Story

In the ancient, Bronze Age land of Arthdal, Eun Seom’s birth carries a fateful burden, destined to bring disaster to the land. In an effort to save him, he and his mother endure numerous hardships, ultimately deciding to embark on a journey to a new land. However, even in this foreign land, Eun Seom remains an outcast due to his differences from the native people. Ta Gon, a celebrated war hero, envisions a prosperous future for Arthdal and dreams of becoming its first king, while simultaneously being its mightiest warrior.

Within this intricate narrative, Tan Ya shares Eun Seom’s ill-fated destiny as the future great mother of the Wahan Tribe, but her path is fraught with challenges, including mastering the sacred dance. Her life takes an unexpected turn when Eun Seom arrives in their village, seemingly altering her dreams. In contrast, Taealha, the ambitious daughter of the Hae tribe’s leader, has grander aspirations that transcend her tribal identity. As their intertwined fates and ambitions converge, the story unfolds against the backdrop of a land marked by destiny and power struggles.

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Drama Information

Title: Arthdal Chronicles Part 1: The Children of Prophecy, Aseudal , Asadal Chronicles , The Asdal Chronicles , Asdal Chronicles , Aseudal Yeondaegi , The Chronicles of Aseudal , The Chronicles of Arthdal , Part 1: The Children of Prophesy , Arthdal Chronicles Season 1 Part 1: The Children of Prophecy, Arthdal Chronicles Part 2: The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land, Arthdal Chronicles Part 3: The Prelude to All Legends

Native Title: 아스달 연대기 Part 1 예언의 아이들, 아스달 연대기 Part 2 뒤집히는 하늘, 일어나는 땅, 아스달 연대기 Part 3 아스, 그 모든 전설의 서곡

Aired: Jun 1, 2019 – Sep 22, 2019

Quality: 480p, 720p, 1080p

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Political

Episode: 18

Print: NF WEB-DL

Arthdal Chronicles S01

480p x264 Korean With ESub [250-300 MB]

Episode 01-09

Episode 10-18

720p x264 Korean With ESub [550-600 MB]

Episode 01-09

Episode 10-18

1080p x264 DDP2.0 Korean With ESub [3.0-4.0 GB]

Episode 01-09

Episode 10-18

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