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I am using shorteners URL for maintaining my website. Because I am not using any ads on my site. I/m giving this site ads free.
You should know that we care the most about this. When we decide to use a shortener I personally go through a shortened link to see how the system works. But shorteners change their behavior often, so we don’t always know what’s going on there. We can’t check all of them every day. So, I decided to write this little article about 3 tips you should know and use.

1- Always use good security software.
First and foremost is the security software. Internet is a dangerous place without antiviruses and firewalls. If you encounter harmful ads often, then your security software is not good enough. Using this website or not, always use powerful security software.

2- Shorteners are dynamic.
If you didn’t already notice, we use multiple shorteners. It changes every time you click on a link. If a particular one bothers you, close it and click on the same download link again. It’ll change to another shortener. Simple as that.

3- Report bad shorteners.
Well, don’t bomb us naming all the shorteners we use, but If we get multiple bad reports about a shortener we will stop using it. We did it multiple times before. At the end of the day, all shorteners use popups that may bother you. But some could be really harmful. Instead of blaming us for something we don’t know a thing about, do this.

4- Don’t download anything other than the files you needed.
If you offered an APK or EXE or any other file rather than the MKV file from us, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Or if you already did it, delete it.
Also never subscribe to notifications or anything. it’s not necessary.

I should say, I wish there was another way, but there is not. By going through these shorteners you help this website to be alive. Some clicks to get your favorite Drama, Shows, and web series is not much to ask I think. The income is very low but we need it to do what we’re doing. There are huge expenses every day that have to be paid. Shorteners don’t pay for visits from the same user, they don’t pay if you use adblockers, they don’t pay if you use VPN. this makes it even harder.

Right Now I’m not earning anything from this website And I’m telling you, there are lots of other things we have to pay for.
Many shorteners don’t pay when they suppose to. they just disappear. We have to pay from our pockets then.
That is why I can update everything.

Otherwise, you’re donating by ads you see. Hope you understand.

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