About is love 2 (2022) [C-Drama] Chinese With Esub

About is Love / Maybe it's Love
About is Love / Maybe it’s Love


Long distance couple Wei Qing, the president of Yunma Group, and art graduate Zhou Shi ultimately break up due to a lack of mutual trust. Two years later, Zhou Shi walks into Wei Qing’s world once again. Even though Zhou Shi is no longer the person that she was before, Wei Qing is determined to do everything he can to win her back. Their time together allows them to untangle the misunderstandings from the past to see each other’s hearts clearly. Meanwhile, Zhou Shi’s two good friends are also growing in their own ways. Lin Fei Fei and artist Ning Fei are as sweet as ever. School geniuses Bi Qiu Jing and Li Ming Cheng who are made for each other start a family together.


TitleAbout is Love 2About Love 2 , Da Yue Shi Ai 2 , Maybe It’s Love

AiredMar 6, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022

Quality540p, 720p

Genre: Business, Romance, Life, Drama

Weekend: Monday, Sunday

Episodes: 24

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This drama is not my Encode.

Folder [Episode 01-04] – 540p | 720p

Folder [Episode 05-08] – 540p | 720p

Folder [Episode 09-12] – 540p | 720p

Folder [Episode 13-16] – 540p | 720p

Folder [Episode 17-20] – 540p | 720p

Folder [Episode 21-24] – 540p | 720p

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